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Vivid Premium Anti-bacterial Laminating Pouches - A3 Gloss (Pack of 100)

Eliminates 99% of bacteria
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  • Boss Bloc technology is built-in so it won't wear off
  • Each layer is 75 micron thick, providing a total thickness of 150 micron per pouch
  • Gloss finish for a high-quality and professional end result


The Vivid A3 Gloss Anti-Bacterial Laminating Pouches are an excellent solution for keeping you and your employees safe.
These laminating pouches have been specially designed with anti-bacterial properties that eliminate 99% of bacteria that comes in contact with the pouches. No matter how many hands touch the document, the pouch will remain free of bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about transferring germs.
Boss Bloc’s main additive is based on silver ion technology. It’s built-in and doesn’t wear off or leach out, so it’s effective for the intended lifetime of the product.
In each pack there are 100 pouches, meaning you don’t need to replace them as often.
Each layer is 75 microns thick, so each pouch has a total thickness of 150 microns.
With a gloss finish, your laminated documents look high-quality and keep you safe.
Available in two sizes: A4 and A3.


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303 x 426 mm
150 / 75 + 75

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