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Sparka Krok Hands Free Door Opener & ID Card Holder

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  • PRECISION PUSH BUTTON TOOL - key pads, lift buttons, car-park barriers
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TETHERING POINT - will connect to lanyards and retractable reels
  • PERMANENT ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION ACTIVE 24/7 - proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%
  • DOOR OPENER - HOOK - PULL/PUSH - for pushing or pulling doors open with either lever on rose handles, pull handles and push plates
  • SLIM AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Light enough to carry with you everywhere, whilst still being slim enough to store away when not in use



TheKROK™is an ID Card holder with an in-built door opening device that is simple and highly effective. This enables people to go about their daily work and eliminates the need to touch door handles, keypads, lift buttons and much more. This helps to significantly reduce the chances of acquiring infections – potentially saving lives.

It is particularly suited to those working in Healthcare and Public sector environments who traverse through many doors each day.

TheKROK™helps to stop the spread of infection by enabling people to move freely and access through doorways.

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST EXISTING STAFF ID OR ACCESS CONTROL CARDS- easy to distribute globally and integrate with existing staff workwear

Patent Pending

Registered Design

*Note - Lanyard and/or retractable reel not included

Specifications are subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info