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Renz AIR2COLOR - CO2 Traffic Light Sensor

Makes Air Quality Visible
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  • Measures CO2 concentration with a built-in NDIR CO2 sensor
  • 360-degree coloured light band uses traffic light to visibly encourage active and effective ventilation
  • Can be used immediately
  • Suitable for rooms up to max. 80 mē



Too much carbon dioxide in indoor spaces can affect our concentration, physical well-being, and health.

The Renz AIR2COLOR - CO2 Traffic Light Sensor evaluates your room’s air quality by detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air.

The AIR2COLOR has a 360-degree light band that’s visible from all four sides so you can quickly and easily see your room’s air quality. Using an easy to understand traffic light system, it will glow either green, yellow, or red, helping to encourage active and effective ventilation. The AIR2COLOR also has a discreet tone as an additional signal.

Demand-oriented ventilation reduces aerosol concentration in the air. It also has a positive effect on energy costs since you’ll know exactly when you can close your windows after the room has been sufficiently ventilated.

The AIR2COLOR can be used immediately and doesn’t require Bluetooth or WLAN end devices.

It features a powerful, high-quality NDIR CO2 sensor that is self-calibrating and maintenance-free, and the CO2 traffic light values are based on DIN 1946-6 and the Pettenkofer curve.

Suitable for rooms up to max. 80 m².

Traffic Light System:

Green: CO2 < 1000 ppm (All fine)

Yellow: CO2 = 1000–1400 ppm (Ventilation recommended)

Red: CO2 > 1400 ppm (Ventilation required)

         CO2 > 2000 ppm (Ventilate urgently)


Machine Dimensions
100 x 100 x 100 mm
Power Requirement
5V, USB C Power supply unit + 2 m cable (included)
Country of Origin

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