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Permanent Social Distancing Floor Marker - "Please Keep a 1m Safe Distance"

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  • 235mm floor marker helps keep people safe by maintaining social distancing in queues and workplaces
  • Floor signs designed to encourage social distancing
  • Ideal for creating safe routes and one way systems in your workplace
  • Industrial strength quality
  • "Please Keep 1m Safe Distance"


Premium quality social distance floor markers with an anti-slip laminate surface tested to R9 standard.

Help people to stay safe and maintain social distancing in public queues and workplaces with these permanent social distance floor markers. They have been designed to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.

These markers are 235mm in diameter and are highly visible with clear instruction.

Each of these highly visible floor signs are printed onto the underside of a clear PVC film and then laminated on the back surface with an aggressive permanent adhesive. They are suitable for use on dry, flat, clean surfaces.

Our range of industrial quality, anti-slip floor markers are ideal for highlighting and marking out pedestrian routes and compliant safe queuing. Our markers will stand the test of time as they are highly durable with a strong aggressive adhesive to stop them peeling or lifting. Even in high traffic areas, once stuck down, they will stay down which reduces trip hazards. With our range of floor markers, you have the flexibility to create your very own visual but cost-effective system to suit your workplace.


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235mm diameter

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