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Childrens Mild Steel Foot-Operated Hand Sanitising Station - Red

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  • Shorter version with children in mind
  • Easy to use station allows dispensing of hand sanitiser without touching so as to help stop passing on infection
  • Press your foot on the lever and hand sanitiser is dispensed
  • No assembly required
  • Supplied with 2x empty 1 Litre bottles (sanitiser sold separately)

Prices per individual dispenser

1 - 2 dispensers
3 - 4 dispensers
5+ dispensers
139 + vat
137 + vat
135 + vat
166.80 inc vat
164.40 inc vat
162.00 inc vat

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Designed especially with children in mind, this foot-pedal operated hand sanitiser dispenser is shorter than "standard sized" models but still robust enough to withstand maximum usage

Ideal for schools and other public areas this model is both practical and beautiful

This hand sanitiser dispenser is foot-pedal operated so there is no hand contact at all, minimising the risk of contamination. It is also 100% mechanical, so there are no-battery requirements, meaning it is cheaper in the long run and better for the environment.

Built for public areas - such as workplaces, retail areas and public realm - the Zenith hand sanitiser dispenser is both practical and beautiful.

Made from mild steel and polyester powder coated with stainless steel footpedal and lid: it is strong and durable.

Simply place hands under the nozzle and press the foot pedal to dispense the sanitiser

Unlike other products this dispenser INCLUDES 2x bottles with 1x pump and 1x cap, however sanitiser is not included and must be ordered separately

To Replace the Bottle

  1. Undo fixing bolt of lid with a 4mm Allen Key (provided), remove lid of dispenser and bottle
  2. Refill bottle and insert it back in place. Alternatively, swap bottle for new one placing the neck plate on before screwing the nozzle.
  3. Slot lid back on dispenser and secure it using the allen key, making sure the nozzle sits under the protrusion on the lid.

In order to maintain a 'factory finish', All components will require an ongoing cleaning regime, the extent and frequency of which depends on the environment in which the product is placed. Wipe down the product with water and detergent, or specialist cleaning agents if deposits are embedded.

Adjustable height for different sanitiser bottles

  1. Remove lid and bottle as above and extract the bottle plinth
  2. Adjust the height by loosening the locking nut and twisting threaded rod to the desired height.
  3. Once the correct height is reached, tighten the locking nut and slide back inside the main body.
  4. Place new bottle in place and ensure neck plate is fitted and the nozzle sits under the protrusion on the lid

This free-standing comes with rubber feet or can be fixed to the ground using the fittings provided


Country of Origin
Base Diameter
Post Diameter
Material & Finish (Main Body)
Mild steel polyester powder coated
Material & Finish (Lid & Footpedal)
Stainless steel grade 304, stain polished finish
RAL3020 (Signal Red)

Specifications are subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info