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Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-vibration gloves are designed to reduce the harmful effects of vibration on the hands and arms caused by using power tools, machinery, and other equipment. Prolonged exposure to vibration can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) or vibration white finger, which can result in permanent damage such as loss of sensation and grip strength. Anti-vibration gloves typically feature padding or gel inserts in the palm and fingers to absorb and disperse vibration. They also provide a secure grip and dexterity, allowing the user to operate equipment safely and effectively. It is important to choose the right level of protection and ensure the gloves fit properly to maximize their effectiveness in reducing the risk of injury. Anti-vibration gloves are a crucial safety measure for workers in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and forestry, where the risk of vibration-related injury is high.

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