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Oximeters are small devices that are used to measure the oxygen saturation level in your blood. They work by emitting light through the skin, which is then detected by the oximeter. This information is then used to calculate the oxygen saturation level in your blood. 

In the context of employee welfare, oximeters can be used as a tool to monitor the health of employees who work in physically demanding jobs or in environments with poor air quality. By regularly checking their oxygen saturation levels, employees can be alerted to potential health risks and take action to mitigate them.

Oximeters are also useful for monitoring the health of employees who may be at higher risk of developing respiratory illnesses, such as those who work in healthcare settings or those who are exposed to pollutants on a regular basis. They can also be used to monitor the health of employees who have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions that affect their respiratory system.

Overall, oximeters can be a valuable tool for promoting employee health and well-being in a variety of work settings.

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