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Contactless Thermometer

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  • Medical Infrared Thermometer with an LED backlight
  • Measuring distance of 510 cm
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.3 C
  • 0.5 second response time
  • Can present readings in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F)


<p>This Contactless Thermometer is a quick and convenient way to take body temperature or surface temperature measurements.</p>
<p>It uses infrared technology, which means it detects the temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation that is emitted by the object being measured.</p>
<p>The settings are easy to change, and it has an LED backlight, making it easy to read the measurements.</p>
<p>It has a speedy response time of 0.5 seconds, and the readings are accurate within 0.3&deg;C of the given temperature.</p>
<p>It has a measuring distance of 5&ndash;10cm and a measuring range of 32&deg;C ~ 42.9 &deg;C (89.6 &deg;F ~ 109.2 &deg;F) that can be presented in Celsius (&deg;C) or Fahrenheit (&deg;F).</p>
<p>If it detects a high temperature, there is also an on-screen flashing alarm.</p>


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Measuring Distance
Measuring range
32C ~ 42.9C (89.6F ~ 109.2F)
0.3 C
Response time
0.5 Sec
White and Purple
White and Purple

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