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ARC Flash Balaclavas

ARC Flash balaclavas are specialized headwear designed to provide protection against thermal hazards of an electrical arc flash. They are typically made of materials with a high level of thermal resistance, such as meta-aramid fibers, para-aramid fibers, and other flame-resistant materials. ARC Flash balaclavas are designed to be worn with other ARC Flash protective clothing, such as coveralls, jackets, and pants, to provide complete head-to-toe protection. They can also be worn as a standalone protective measure for workers who may be exposed to electrical hazards.

ARC Flash balaclavas are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for workers in the electrical industry, where electrical arc flashes are a common hazard. They provide an additional layer of protection against the extreme heat and flames generated by an electrical arc flash, helping to prevent serious burns and other injuries.

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